Our Perspective: A Whole Food Approach to Fibre

Our Perspective: A Whole Food Approach to Fibre

When we talk about fibre, we picture whole foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables, hearty grains, crunchy nuts and wholesome seeds readily share their fibre with us. Yet despite the abundance of fibre, many people don't get nearly enough of it.

Simply put, we need fibre to maintain a healthy, functioning body and to feel our best. Luckily, nature makes it easy for us to find it and, more importantly, enjoy it.

At Kashi*, we believe the world has much to offer our health and wellness. We strive to honour its inherent goodness by choosing real ingredients and minimally processing them to make our foods. In this way, we make the most of their taste, texture and nutrition benefits, like fibre. After all, a whole fresh apple with the skin has more fibre than apple juice.

A simple look outside inspires the fresh thinking for the food we create – even making fibre a delicious and natural part of your day. It's how we're resourceful at finding new ways to work fibre into our Kashi* foods. Chia and whole grains add surprising new textures, rich flavours and, of course, a natural boost of fibre.

With so much natural variety around us, we're never at a loss for real food inspiration. So while you're satisfying your taste buds with our foods, you can also enjoy the benefits of fibre.

Because at Kashi*, we believe fibre plays an important role in our wellness – and we happily share it with you.

Sounds good? Tell us your thoughts.

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