Eating Healthy Anywhere

Eating Healthy Anywhere

At home, healthy eating can be part of a daily routine. But what happens when travel plans take you to Peoria, Bozeman or Baton Rouge? Simple. All you need is a little forethought and planning. Here are a few easy steps you can follow to ensure that, no matter where you’re going, healthy eating will always be on the map.

On the take

What healthy eats bring you pleasure at home? Create a short list, and then plan to take some with you. Carrot sticks work great. So do raw almonds. If you’re facing a long flight, why not take along a peanut butter sandwich on whole‐grain toast? Boiled eggs, minus the shell, travel well, too (don’t forget a little salt and pepper). Chances are, no matter your palate, there’s some healthy nibble you love to nosh that you can pack in your shoulder bag to keep hunger at bay.

Regular benefits

The best way to remain "how shall we say" regular away from home is to maintain the fibre habits you have at home and include wheat bran fibre in your every day routine. In the morning start out with a whole wheat or wheat bran cereal. Throughout the day try to eat servings of high fibre grains, fruits and vegetables as wells as vegetarians dishes made with legumes.

A little homework

Say you’re heading to Saskatoon and you don’t know it from Saint John. Where will you find your favourite healthy fare? It’s easy. Do a Web search by typing in your destination city, followed by “health food store.” In seconds, you’ll be looking at a list of establishments in the area. Some search engines even provide a map with phone numbers and addresses. Print out the list and/or map to take along. Just be sure to keep the list handy when you travel. Even if you misplace the list, don’t worry. Simply stop in at the neighbourhood grocery store. These days, even the corner market might surprise you.

Local flavour

Once you find the neighbourhood co-op, let it be a source of info. Ask an employee where to find a healthy dinner in town. Chances are the bulk food gal or cashier can point you to a locally owned restaurant serving wholesome fare. The co‐op might even have a good number of places already identified on a pamphlet or flyer. Local knowledge offers a great resource that can benefit you, the traveler, so tap into it.

Sub shop

Try as you might, it can be difficult to always eat at restaurants where nutrition is top of mind. Never fear. Substitutions are near. Ask your server if you can substitute brown rice for french fries. Request a double order of steamed vegetables instead of onion rings. And if you’re craving a salad, why not get the dressing on the side? More and more restaurants, even the big chains, are listening to the requests of diners seeking healthy fare. Add your voice to the growing chorus.

The only thing you need to enjoy good food while away from home is preparation and flexibility. That way, the next time the travel bug bites, you’ll have the perfect antidote: your own game plan for finding healthy eats anywhere you go.

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