Our Perspective: Positive Eating for a Healthy Weight

Our Perspective: Positive Eating for a Healthy Weight

Our bodies love to move. Whether we're pushing a child on a swing or taking a hike in the woods, the way we move is connected to how we feel. Every day we see images, stories and expectations of what a healthy body looks like, but at Kashi* we stand for what a healthy body feels like.

While scales and calorie counting are often thought of as the standards of optimal measurement, weight and health are not just defined by numbers. Just as important is that your body does what you need it to do. You may run marathons or run through a sprinkler, dig out a save in volleyball or dig in the garden — whatever you choose, we believe your body knows best.

We are all different weights for different reasons. After all, the world would be a boring place if we all looked and weighed the same. But what's universal is how our bodies have an inherent love of real food and nutrition, turning what nature provides into what we need.

We think real food exists to be enjoyed, and the tastes and textures nature shares with us are meant to be appreciated. This approach to food is not a fad, a temporary behavior change or based in deprivation. In fact, it's the opposite. We commit to honoring whole foods that taste good and when you eat better, you feel better.

At Kashi*, we believe that when we appreciate what nature offers, we start a journey toward real nutrition, and a lifetime of wellness.

Sounds good? Tell us your thoughts.

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