Non-GMO Project Verified: Mission Accomplished!

Non-GMO Project Verified: Mission Accomplished!

We're excited to share an update on our work with the Non-GMO Project, a leading North American independent Non-GMO verification program. Every single one of our products is now officially Non-GMO Project Verified. It was a months-long progressive journey, but it’s happened!

So we hear GMOs talked about a lot, but what’s their story? Genetically modified organisms, GMOs for short, are organisms whose genetic makeup has been modified through techniques of biotechnology, including genetic engineering (GE). While leading health organizations around the world, including Health Canada, have concluded that GMOs are safe, we at Kashi believe in offering consumers an alternative — foods that are as simple as they can possibly be — foods without GMOs.

How long is the Non-GMO Verification process?

At Kashi we've been helping to create positive change in the food system since 1984 when the company was founded. Only 1.7% of Canadian cropland is organically grown so we believe the food system still needs to evolve. That's why we have nearly tripled our use of organic ingredients since 2005. We partnered with the Non-GMO Project to fully achieve Non-GMO Project Verification, which is another important milestone on our journey.

And it was a journey a long time in the making — Non-GMO Project Verification can take up to several months or years and depends on many factors including how many products a company enrolls at one time, the number of ingredients in a product and the level of evaluation required for each ingredient.

As of 2016, all our products have the Non-GMO Project Verified seal of approval, which means we don’t use any crops in our foods that are products of genetic engineering. Our Non-GMO Project Verified products are produced in accordance with the rigorous Non-GMO Project Standard. The Non-GMO Project Standard includes ongoing testing of ingredients with a potential for GMO presence and does not test finished products.

What is the Non-GMO Project?

So about the Non-GMO Project: It’s the leading independent verifier of non-GMO foods. They are a nonprofit multi-stakeholder collaboration committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers and providing verified non-GMO choices. The Non-GMO Project works with FoodChain Global Advisors, an independent consultant and administrator of the Non-GMO Project Product Verification Program.

Which Kashi products are organic?

Is a Non-GMO Project Verified or Organic certified product healthier than one that is all natural?

There are many factors that determine whether a food is "healthy.” Nutrition, farming practices and environmental impacts are all factors to consider when making a decision about whether a food is appropriate for you or your family.

Sounds good? Tell us your thoughts.

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