Our Perspective: Food That Works in Harmony with Nature

Our Perspective: Food That Works in Harmony with Nature

At Kashi*, we believe in simplicity. We strive to provide tasty, nutritious foods that nourish both people and planet. And we believe organic agriculture can help.

Organic farming uses time-honoured cultivation practices and crop diversity to replenish the soil, protect the land and help keep nearby waters free of harmful pollutants. It can be an important tool in fostering a more sustainable food system, helping to close the loop of the food chain to create a complete circle.

At Kashi*, we believe in supporting practices and sourcing ingredients that respect our planet. More than 25% of our annual grain supply is organically grown. Our foods include 28 million pounds of organic ingredients each year.

Because how food is produced is as important as the food we choose, we believe organic farming is an important component of a holistic approach to food, lifestyle and wellness.

By respecting nature and its ingredients, we appreciate not just the food on our tables, but the road it took to get there.

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