Full Steam Ahead: Three Reasons to Cook with Steam

Full Steam Ahead: Three Reasons to Cook with Steam

Do you want to cook an easy, wholesome meal without spending all day in the kitchen? Well, eating healthy can be fast and flavourful with the right cooking method. Explore our quick, nutritious dinner ideas and discover the natural benefits of cooking with steam.

  1. Healthy foods become healthy meals. If you’re sautéing vegetables or pan-frying fish, you're not always making the most of those foods. Fortunately, steaming requires no added oil or butter, which makes it a natural way to cook delicate foods. Try lightly steaming your vegetables in order to retain most of their key nutrients, which are typically lost due to overcooking.

  2. Quick to cook means quick to the table. Meetings run late, games run long, and sometimes time just runs out. That's why cooking with steam is the easy choice for quick, healthy meals. Plus, because you can cook everything in a single pot right on the stovetop, cleanup is a breeze. Make sure to position the food in a single layer to guarantee the fastest, most evenly cooked results.

  3. Tasty flavours stay that way with steam. Some cooking techniques can weaken an ingredient's natural flavour, but steaming is a gentler method. Because the food never actually touches the liquid, it's less likely to jostle, overcook, or absorb too much water. That's why the food retains its shape, colour, texture, and flavour. You can also add aromatics such as herbs to help impart flavour as the food cooks.

Remember, next time you want to prepare a quick, wholesome meal, consider cooking with the power of steam. It's the healthy, natural cooking method that's big on taste and convenience. Share some of your favourite recipes, insights, and techniques in the comments section below and join the conversation.

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