REAL Food: Kashi Ingredient Decoder

REAL Food: Kashi Ingredient Decoder

Wanna keep food real? We're making it easy. Here's a handy Kashi* Ingredient Decoderâ„¢ to help you figure out what's real on ingredient labels. We've indicated which ingredients we'd use at Kashi* to help you keep your own food real.

    (also known as GUM ARABIC and GUAR GUM):

    This natural ingredient is made from the hardened sap of the acacia tree; it helps stick stuff together and adds important fibre.

  • CHICORY ROOT fibre:

    This is used to hold different ingredients together and also contains the naturally occurring fibre inulin.


    A minimally processed sugar, this amber-coloured liquid retains a slight golden colour and a subtle taste from the original cane juice.


    This all-natural plant oil is extracted using a non-chemical process and has good monounsaturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids too (SEE EXPELLER-PRESSED INGREDIENTS).

    (also known as COLD-PRESSED INGREDIENTS):

    In this process natural oils are extracted from seeds by mechanical pressure without the use or addition of chemicals, colourings, or preservatives.


    Oligosaccharide or alternative sweetener derived inulin, which is found naturally in chicory root. Often used to help provide a thicker texture.


    These are normal and essential salts for the body that work as natural leavening agents, helping make baked goods light and fluffy.

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