We Believe in Pioneering Progressive Nutrition

We Believe in Pioneering Progressive Nutrition

We believe that to move food forward, we must also honour the past. It's why at Kashi* we respect the principles of traditional, whole food diets and turn to nature for inspiration in creating our foods.

At Kashi*, we take a progressive approach to nutrition, seeking out how the inherent nutrients in whole foods can come together to provide nourishment. While individual foods are important, when combined in innovative ways, their gifts have an opportunity to shine.

Every day we work to find simple but smart ways to work nutrition into the foods we make — like combining nuts and seeds in our cereals. We believe that when you trust in the inherent benefits of real foods, tasty food can be wholesome food.

Our mission began by exploring nutrition from simple whole grains. Today, more than 25 years later, we still find new ways of happily sharing our foods and helping others along the way to healthy living.

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