We Believe in Working with Nature to Provide Protein

We Believe in Working with Nature to Provide Protein

At Kashi*, we're passionate about protein. After all, it's in our roots. We set out more than 25 years ago to harness a plant-based protein from a nutritious mix of whole grains. In our efforts, we created the unique blend of 7 Whole Grains that is still the inspiration for many of the foods we make today.

Protein helps give us energy, aids in muscle recovery and is a building block of our cells.

At Kashi*, we work with nature to create tasty ways to provide protein in many of our foods and satisfy both our taste and nutritional needs.

For instance, protein is the foundation of our whole grain GOLEAN* cereals, and an example of our commitment to progressive nutrition.

From nuts to grains, we take our protein cues from nature and delight in a diverse range of tasty protein combinations — because we believe our bodies do better with wholesome sources of protein.

Sounds good? Tell us your thoughts.

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