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Kashi® Cultivate - March 2016
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image of GOLEAN* Popped Clusters Plant Power Vanilla Pepita cereal
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  Our new gluten-free GOLEAN* Popped Clusters cereal combines plant-based ingredients to help fuel an active lifestyle. Whether you’re up and at ’em for a morning hike or a sunrise vinyasa session, you’ll fall in love with where the combo of popped sorghum, yellow pea crisps, smashed red beans and little pepitas will take you. Try it with this $1-off coupon.
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Ingredients that #GOTOGETHER
Our GOLEAN* Popped Clusters cereal is full of ingredients you already love, but you’ve never seen them combined like this before. Ingredients like red beans, pepitas, yellow pea crisps and millet #GOTOGETHER to make a gluten-free, Non-GMO Project Verified cereal with a multisource plant protein blend that’s completely perfect for you.
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A BEHIND-THE-SCENES LOOK - An exclusive little something...
Plant-Powered Tunes
Our new GOLEAN* Popped Clusters cereal combines ingredients in a wonderfully surprising way to make something great. Our good friend and nature composer Diego Stocco took those ingredients to a whole new level by using them to create a beautiful plant-powered song.
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image of Diego Stocco creating a beautiful plant-powered song
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Small Change
Just one way we're collaborating to make thing better
Did you know that 2016 is the year of pulses? We’re pretty excited about it — so excited, in fact, we actually used a few of our favourites in our new GOLEAN* Popped Clusters cereal, including popped sorghum, pea crisps, smashed red beans and delicious pepitas. Celebrate this sustainable source of nutrition by pouring a bowl. Yum!