Dried Fruit Jewels Recipe

Dried Fruit Jewels Recipe

These make a perfect cocktail snack. It’s also wonderful to have lovely little tidbits on hand to serve when people drop in unexpectedly for a cup of tea. And for a change of pace from cookies and pastries, try serving these exquisite (and easy!) morsels for dessert. You can make a bunch of them ahead of time, keep them in a closed container in the refrigerator, then just pull them out as need. Children can help prepare these, too.

Makes about 8 pieces


Nutrition Index for Dried Fruit Jewels Recipe


8 pieces dried fruit, such as preservative-free apricot halves, pitted dates, or prune halves
1 tablespoon softened organic cream cheese (with a little blue cheese mixed in, if desired)
Approximately ¼ cup toasted walnut halves (one per serving)


1. Place a dab of cream cheese mixture inside the fruit.
2. Press a walnut half into the cheese.
3. Gently squeeze the fruit around the filling, to close it slightly.
4. Serve right away, or arrange on a plate, cover tightly, and refrigerate until serving.

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