NEW! Kashi® Maple Waffle Crisp Cereal

Experience the taste of delicious, toasty waffles as a cereal with NEW Kashi® Maple Waffle Crisp Cereal.

Kissed with real Canadian maple syrup and cinnamon, this light, crispy, bite-sized, waffle-shaped cereal can be enjoyed any time. Pour a bowl for breakfast or grab a handful for snacking.

Kashi® Maple Waffle Crisp Cereal is made with simple, natural ingredients and nourishes your family with 4g fibre† and 24g whole grains† in every mouth-watering bowl.

• Balance of taste and nutrition for the family, 4g fibre & 24g whole grains†
• Made with minimally processed ingredients
• Made with simple, natural ingredients
• Non-GMO Project Verified™
• Made with superfood ingredients – oats and chickpeas
• Single-digit sugar, 9g†

† per 41g serving (1 cup)

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