We believe
living a full life
starts with eating
the right stuff.

For mind, for body and for soil.

Because as far
we’re concerned,

where our food
comes from,

it’s grown and

who makes it happen

is just as important as

how good it tastes.

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A little bit of
everything is
good for everyone.

We use a diverse variety of whole grains and we bring in over 100 plant-based ingredients to create our recipes.

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  • Hard Red Wheat

    Hard Red Wheat

    This wheat berry is a
    hardy, versatile crop.

  • Long Grain

    Long Grain
    Brown Rice

    Delicate in flavour,
    has more than four
    times the fibre of
    white rice.

  • Triticale


    This unique grain
    is a natural cross
    between wheat
    and rye.

  • Barley


    Sweet and nutty in
    flavour, barley also
    provides soluble

  • Oats


    Prized for its soluble
    fibre, oats provide a
    natural sweetness
    all on their own.

  • Buckwheat


    Hearty in flavour,
    a seed-like fruit
    closely related to

  • Rye


    Chosen for its
    distinct flavour
    when combined
    with other grains.

If you are what
you eat, you better
know what’s inside.

We believe in radical transparency
when it comes to our ingredients.
Recently, you may have noticed a
new nutritional label format created by
Health Canada — and we’re here to
explain why that’s so important.

Learn about our new label