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When we make our foods, we start with simple, natural ingredients – and everything we believe.

Nourish People and Planet With Plant-Powered Passion
Nourish People and Planet With Plant-Powered Passion

Innovative nutrition is our approach to food.

It means we value whole food and put the inherent nutrition of food first when considering every ingredient.

It means we make our food with a plants-first mindset.

It means we value not just the foods we make, but also how we make them by being progressive and mindful of sustainable and ethical farming practices.

So inside every box, bag and wrapper, there’s not just real food, but a real food philosophy at work.

Ingredients with gifts

We seek out unique and nutritious ingredients. See some of the goodness that goes into our foods.

  • ChiaChia


    Don’t let its size fool you — with protein, fibre and omega-3s, they’re much bigger than they seem.

  • Quinoa Quinoa


    We love this small but mighty seed for its superfood status and the protein it provides.

  • Sorghum Sorghum


    This grain has been flying under the radar for too long — we’re loving it as a gluten-free option.

How do we make our foods? With every fibre of our being.

Start with simple ingredients and don't mess them up

We believe real food comes from real ingredients — found in kitchens like yours.

We start with simple, natural ingredients and minimally process them to keep their inherent nutrition intact. And we never add any synthetic colours or artificial flavours, preservatives or sweeteners. So real food stays that way.

We use plant-powered goodness in our foods because we believe the combination of taste, texture and nutrition make every Kashi product the best it can be.


Kashi? Hey, that’s a funny name.

Thanks! We like it too. It may sound unusual, but the Kashi name has deep roots. A blended term inspired by "Kashruth," meaning kosher or pure food, and “Kushi," from the founder of American Macrobiotics, our name stands for foods made with natural ingredients.

Serendipitously, we later learned Kashi has meanings in other languages: "porridge" in Russian, "happy" in Chinese, and "energy" in Japanese. And to think we almost landed on "Graino."

Honour our roots 7 whole grains on a mission
Honour our roots 7 whole grains on a mission>

We started out on our mission with a simple dream. We’ve carried it with us ever since.

Some 30 years ago, our founders envisioned the good that real food can do. They understood intuitively that real food does more than fill us with calories — it can create positive change in ourselves and in the world.

This sparked the epiphany that led us to explore nutrition from simple whole grains. We discovered that, when combined, whole grains can provide progressive nutrition, while minimizing impact on the planet. Seven whole grains later, we liked where this was going.

That was 1984 and the start of our 7 Whole Grains & Sesame blend. Today we still seek out ingredients for their specific taste, texture and nutritional benefits — like protein, fibre and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

With the dream of healthy living for all, we ended up cultivating a food movement. Our approach to progressive nutrition from real ingredients still inspires the foods we make and our mission to nourish people and planet.

- Along the way to healthier eating, we made our own path. -


Our founders, Phil and Gayle Tauber, create Kashi® Breakfast Pilaf and establish the Kashi Company.


Kashi® 7 Whole Grain Puffs, our first cereal available in stores in the United States, is introduced.


We launch the high-protein and high-fibre GOLEAN* line, with GOLEAN* Original Cereal, bars and shake packets in the U.S.


The Kellogg Company acquires Kashi, allowing us greater distribution of our foods and giving us greater reach on our mission to nourish people and the planet.


Kashi U.S. begins shipping to Canada - starting a huge love affair.


We bring chewy goodness to the Great White North with our first three chewy granola bars: 7 Whole Grain & Almond, Cherry Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter.


We introduce our first organic cereal — Organic Promise* Cinnamon Harvest Cereal*.


We introduce Pita Crisps + Gourmet Snack Crackers to our product line.


Four of our cereals are Non-GMO Project Verified: Organic Bite Size Whole Wheat, Organic Cinnamon Harvest, Organic Flakes & Berries, and Puffed Grains Cereal.


All of our GOLEAN* cereals are Non-GMO Project Verified.


Because we’re never finished moving food forward, we’ve added a new certification to our foods. Every single Kashi* product is now Non-GMO Project Verified!


We partnered with QAI to create a new initiative — Certified Transitional. We’re helping support farmers in North America who are transitioning their conventional farms to organic.

Remember where you came from on the way to where you're going.

Enjoy real food

Real food is not just meant to be eaten, but enjoyed.

We think there’s a lot to love in the tastes, textures and nutrition that nature gives.

The tangy sweetness of a blueberry, the warming power of a bowl of oatmeal, the crispness of a carrot — slowing down to savour these moments of interactivity with real food helps us appreciate nature’s gifts, and better connects us not just to our environment, but ourselves.

What’s more, we believe enjoying real food should be an everyday experience that we share.

It’s why we not only make our foods, but also make a difference in the availability of real food in communities like yours.