Every Kashi* box

is inspired by
real food

We bring plant-based
to create
recipes that

are delicious.

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  • Made with simple,
    natural ingredients
  • No artificial
    colours or
  • Full of nuts,
    seeds and
  • Uncompromising taste

Our passion for simple, natural ingredients goes
hand-in-hand with our passion for the planet.

It means we value not just the foods we make, but also how we make them —
by being progressive and mindful of sustainable, ethical farming practices.

It all started in 1984…
With 2 people
& 7 whole grains

In 1984, our founders Phil and Gayle
had a vision for moving food
forward. It began with our original 7 Whole
Grains & Sesame blend - which (at the
time) placed an unheard of emphasis on
diversity of ingredients that nourish
people + planet at the same time.

In 2005, Kashi* brand finally arrived
in Canada — a country whose
deeply engrained passion
for nature,
agriculture, kindness, and adventure
fit perfectly with everything
Kashi* brand stands for.